About Us

GI Engineering Solutions Ltd. (CIN No: L40109MH2006PLC163731) was incorporated by forward thinking owners who beleive the customer should have the best possible engineering design available at a cost which is highly competitive. GI strives to use the lastest technology, software solutions, highly skilled personnel, in a dynamic fluid company which enable fast, competent solutions at a price which will enable the customer the highest return on their investment.

Our Business

GI emphasizes simple dependable solutions, using proven technologies, for communities who want solid infrastructure to enhance their lives. A high-tech “bells and whistles” approach that requires a community to dedicate significant resources to operation and maintenance is fun for the engineer to design, but often difficult for a community to live with. While we design high-tech and innovative award winning projects, we at GI have found that usually the simplest solutions are the best. Therefore, we strive in each of our service disciplines to provide no-nonsense proven remedies. We apply those remedies in creative ways that match our client’s specific needs.